New Linux User Questions | Software Recommendations | Best Practice


I recently posted some of my configs on Fedora here: My config/tweak notes for Fedora 40

Some of it is general like applications I use, but there’s also stuff like using systemd-resolved for local DNS resolutions, and a fix for adding locations to GNOME Weather.

You might not need most of that starting out though, but some tricks might be nice to be aware of for later or changing hardware, like forcing certain display color settings/Full RGB on HDMI.

Is there any programs/software you’d recommend?

I recommend mpv as a video (and casual audio) player! It plays mostly anything, suports most hardware-acceleration playbacks (VAAPI, VDPAU, etc), and is basically like a light version of VLC. With the default players, I had issues with Dragon Player on F40 Plasma 6, and heard of recent issues with Totem.

Are there any projects I can work on to better my knowledge on navigating and learning Linux?

I switched to Linux primarily when Windows 10 came out for similar privacy concerns and used to keep notes in text files on a flash drive. I moved the text files to GitHub, and someone suggested I host a wiki instead. Now anything I do on Linux I take notes to be able to re-do it later, and have a cool place to share them with others!

I had experience with hosting WoW private servers (back with Ascent and ArcEmu) and that was helpful for understanding the basics of how server daemons ran and command-line. It was tricky messing with web servers instead, but I got it down eventually.

Having a place to keep notes was the most useful thing I’ve done to expand my Linux knowledge! Along with the privacy concern, I also got into self-hosting. And hosting game servers. I went from just a wiki, to a landing page, blog, forum, Mumble server, XMPP, Cal/CardDAV, FTP, Xonotic, Minetest, and WoW servers, had that split between 3 OptiPlex desktops I got from a thrift store, in a room with Fedora Server running on all of them. And with the wiki, I have notes on all of that for anyone else that wants to give it a go! Privacy is a cool motivator :stuck_out_tongue: