New kernel versions get stored in /boot/efi and dont show in grub after fedora 39 update

that is exactly what triggers the bug. so it was undiscovered as this is not a pre-release test scenario.

(I had something very similar some releases ago, when Fedora assumed every installation was on blscfg layout/mode but mine was originally a F24 system that still wasn’t converted to blscfg.)

I had the same issue but the machine-id folder kept getting recreated at kernel-install (ie layout was always bls)
I had this issue because I had dual booted NixOS in the past and not properly uninstalled it. In addition to deleting /boot/efi/machine-id, i also had to delete /boot/efi/loader

Edit: sorry if i responded to the wrong comment, I just wanted to add this in case anyone else was having the same issue as me

Ah, this may be the pointer. Both machines that I ran into this issue, had/have been configured for dual boot with Windows.