New kernel - Fedora don't start - ASUS S5602ZA

Hi. It’s me first topic and sorry if I made something wrong.
When I install the newest kernel than 6.2.15-300, Fedora doesn’t start.
Below is system log “journalctl -b -1”

Any idea?

Moment ago I starting again read my boot-fail-log “journalctl -b -1” And I see, it is not from fail boot with kernel 6.3.6 , i don’t now why log from fail boot dont want to be generate.

  • What does it mean exactly, that the computer does not start? Does it throw a kernel panic? When the computer is starting, you could press Esc which would switch from the Fedora logo screen to a list of actions being performed and you could see whether some of the actions were failed or if the process stopped somewhere. If so, what is it?
  • What happens if in Grub you try selecting the older kernel? Does the computer work fine?
  • The bootfail.txtyou provided seems to me like an upgrade process, did you upgrade the computer before you started seeing the issue? Did the upgrades went fine?
  • There are also some wayland errors, are you running KDE Plasma on Wayland? Try to run it on xorg.

I have been running all kernels on three different machines (I use the updates-testing repository) and I have not experienced any kernel related issues but my machines are not an ASUS.

Hi. Thank you for your answer.

I was found similar problem. This topic describe more specific what happening.

Kernel 6.3.8-200.fc38.x86_64 working good. I think problem are resolved.

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