New in NetworkManager: nmcli offline mode

[Posted on behalf of Lubomir Rintel]

Article Summary:

This article will explain NetworkManager’s new offline mode and how can it be useful, along with a quick introduction to how NetworkManager stores its connection profiles.

Article Description:

  • explain how nmcli conn add works (dbus)
  • explain why using nmcli is preferable to editing the config files directly (input validation)
  • demo creating a connection profile with nmcli conn add
  • demo creating a connection profile with nmcli’s new --offline parameter and highlight some cases where this new flag can be especially useful (kickstarts).

@lkundrak, your article looks good to me. +1 :slightly_smiling_face:

@lkundrak I agree with @glb, +1 from me, as well.

I’ve created Pagure ticket #151 to track your article. This ticket will be used as a communications channel with the editors and allows us to track the status.

If you have any questions, please add a comment to that ticket and the editors will respond. When you feel you have the WordPress (WP) article ready for review, please leave a preview link to the the WP article on ticket #151 and we will review it.

Thanks for volunteering to write for the Fedora Magazine.