New Hampshire free software bill being read on Jan 11

This important bill favoring the use of free software by the state govt is getting a reading on Jan 11. If you’re in NH or the Boston area and can help testify, please do so!

(via the author on the SF Conservancy IRC)


@mattdm is there a better category/tag for announcements like this? It’s relevant to FLOSS in general but not specifically Fedora in particular, so I’m parking it here for now


I think this is probably the best place for it — it’s exactly the kind of topic I was imagining we’d have in this tag.


I’ve got the bill link from other source, and it was nice to see it discussed here as well.

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@salimma any news on how did it went? A public video perhaps?

I don’t have news - Bradley Kuhn from Conservancy seems pessimistic beforehand, and also noted that the bill’s author rushed it and so it has some unfortunate flaws, which can hopefully be addressed next time round

Can we invite him here if there is no other place to talk about that in public?

Bradley? He hangs out in Conservancy’s Jabber/IRC/Matrix, and is happy to discuss this over there

it is hard to reference people to “posts” in Jabber/IRC/Matrix.