New dnfdragora (in red color) runs but finds no updates even though notification shows up

I am using Fedora 32 Cinnamon Desktop Spins.
Notifications icon in lower panel informs dnfdragora updates.
But dnfdragora runs and finds no updates after it turns into new icon style with red color.

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Check out:

dnf -q repolist

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I got it.
I have to extend the drop-down submenu.
I am using Fedora 32 Cinnamon Desktop Spins.
So, I selected from submenu; Applications, Base System, Cinnamon Desktop and Development.
Is that correct and enough?

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You normally shouldn’t have to. It’s interesting that the drop-down selector is set to ‘Groups’ and disabled. When I start dnfdragora, it is set to ‘All’ (which is where you want it to be, that way it will just update everything) & not greyed-out.


Notifications still shows up the remaining updates.

But dnfdragora has no updates left.

Can you check if DNF still has updates available:

$ sudo dnf check-update

, that will tell you if the issue is with DNFDragora or with the notifications.

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Help me please.

DNF uses separate cache/metadata for each user.
Run from your user without sudo/su:

dnf clean all
dnf check-update

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Has anything changed in dnfdragora?

Notifications still shows up the remaining updates of 29.
But dnfdragora has no updates left.

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Looks to me like the problem is that Groups are selected (and can’t be changed?). To see packages that need updates, you’d want All view.

Try going to Options → User preferences and selecting “Do not show groups view” and restart dnfdragora.

EDIT: This is a (2 day old) known issue that has been fixed: notification declares that an update is available, opening dnfdragora shows no updates · Issue #158 · manatools/dnfdragora · GitHub


Dear faculia,
It is always enabled.
The problem still exists.

Your screenshot shows “Do not show groups view” is not selected… Make sure the box is checked and restart dnfdragora.


Thank you so much, fasulia.
It’s OK now.
And is there any easy way for ordinary user to automatically update ?


I’m not aware of automatic updates being an option with dnfdragora, but you can enable this with the dnf-automatic package.

There are pros and cons, which is why automatic updates are not enabled by default. You can read more about it:

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