New category for common issues

I was thinking about
We should create a category in which most of the common bug solve and debugging methods will be pinned and tagged under that category and it will be under a supervision of someone tl4 or above so someone coming first time and if could just simply see those solve and try if unsuccessful ask in english or other category is always there.
Is it practical what others think about.

coming soon …

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Sorry i didn’t notice that and this is nice to have.


No worries.

ASK is moving fast and not easy to keep up with.

Yeah I am full of energy right now :classic_smiley:

One thing I want to be careful of: this new Common Issues category is focused around getting people solutions to known bugs quickly. It’s not meant for general guides, although I think it would be good to have a few (no more than 3*) pinned posts directing people to frequently-asked questions and such.

I don’t want a lot of general posts getting in the way of the concept, because 1) it will make it harder for people to find those immediate things, like the Wireplummer issue with F35, 2) it might get in the way of our workflow for dealing with those, and 3) if so, it might make the QA folks who are happy with the current wiki solution reject my new idea altogether. :slight_smile:

That said, I’m not opposed to the idea of including a “General Solutions” category under the Common Issues one.

* Off the top of my head: one post for system emergency / troubleshooting tips, one post pointing to how-tos, quick docs, and other learning resources, and one post specifically about installation questions. But that’s just a brainstorm.

ASK as a site will have space for those Guides, How-to’s, etc.

They just don’t have to be under the same categories as the “common-issues”.

When a particular category needs to maintain proper outside connections (to other functional parts of the Fedora ecosystem), then just make it simple and keep cross system linkage as top priority.

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I agree, but I do also think it’d be useful to have a way to find (and refer people to) them quickly.

And i think we should also summarized those so they could get the only most relevant part and omitting the unnecessary stuffs.