New Article: "Using Diffoscope in packager workflows"

The idea is to describe how packagers can use diffoscope to inspect changes in binary packages.

I put the draft text at Log In ‹ Fedora Magazine — WordPress.

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Hello @zbyszek ,
I know I am only a casual editor nowadys, but a big +1 from me!

+1. Thanks Zbigniew.

Is this article complete and ready for publication?

Formatting needs to be done, right now it looks like a wall of grey text :wink:

Maybe people will have some comments on the content — I wrote something that describes my workflow, but I’d be happy to add / change stuff.

I went through and rearranged using WP blocks and preformatted text for the code bits and command line stuff. Please have a look at it to make sure your message is still on point. There is still some need of headers for like the Conclusion, introduction, etc.

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Thanks. I added some colors and adjusted the formatting a bit (the wide output doesn’t fit well. I trimmed it at various points so it isn’t totally garbled when displayed in a narrow column).

I think it looks pretty much OK now.

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LGTM. I’ve changed “Using” to “Use” in the title line to put it in the active voice and added a cover image. If you are happy with it, we can send this out tomorrow, Monday the 29th.

Preview: Use Diffoscope in packager workflows - Fedora Magazine

Thank you for the editing, this went very very quickly.

I think “Using” sounds better, but I won’t insist :).

I found a typo and added a sentence in the last para.
Please publish when appropriate.

It’s a sort of recommend marketing lingo termed “call to action”. I think it is a somewhat demeaning way to speak to people myself. But apparently the marketing studies have shown that the masses are a bunch of stormtroopers. It just wouldn’t work as well if Obi Wan said, “I’m thinking these aren’t the droids you’re looking for.” you know‽ :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t read the article until it’s published, but I’d be happy to help update packaging docs and fedora-review as appropriate to incorporate Diffoscope :smiley:

It’s published: Use Diffoscope in packager workflows - Fedora Magazine :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Gregory.

There is a first comment, and I tried to approve it, but wp tells me “you are not allowed to edit comments on the article”. So somebody else will need to handle that. (FWIW, the same situation was with my previous article and systemd-resolved). Something is broken with my account, but I have no idea what and how to fix it.

I approved the comment. Yeah, your account is in the “Author” role and that is supposed to allow you to moderate comments.

I’ll approve them when I think to check on it from time to time. But I don’t receive an email notification when new comments arrive. So there may be a significant delay between when the comment arrives and when I think to check for new comments.

There are more than one person watching the comments so hopefully the lag will not be too great