New article: Interview about VR on Linux

Hi there,
I am working on an interview with Jan Schmidt who is a Fedora users and also who works on reverse engineering a driver for the Oculus VR headset. Jan has been tweeting regularly about his effort here:

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Welcome to the conversation @uraeus
+1 from me. Given the recent discussion about gaming I would think this might be an interesting article to include in the Fedora Magazine.

Would this be a “How do you Fedora” article or is this an article about the driver? If it is about the driver, I would assume we would want to wait until he has a working product (that is FOSS and works on the latest releases of Fedora Linux) before publishing anything. I’m a little worried about the “reverse engineering” angle. Would that cause problems from a legal perspective? @bcotton

The angle is about a developer working on some cool tech and using Fedora to do so. So it is not a howto article or anything like that, just meant to give people more insight into what is happening around VR on Linux and how a developers has chosen Fedora as his platform for working on this.

Ah. That sounds like a “How do you Fedora” article then.


@haripriya21 Can you work with Christian to get this article published?


Yeah sure.
I have a quick question…do I need to help Christian with all the interview questions or shall I write the article for Jan all by myself??

Personally I prefer to have others do most of the work whenever possible. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not convinced this is actually a “How do you Fedora?” blog post. It sounds similar to in that it is using fedora on a specific piece of tech. Or like the astro-photography labs series. I think it should be handled by @uraeus as he wants.

I got most of the interview done already, so I will copy and paste it into Wordpress today. What I would love help with though is editing as both a dyslectic and a non-native English speaker that is always a great help to me.

Sure no problem. Editing is what we (@glb & @rlengland ) do.

I guess I’ll have to see it to understand what it is. If it needs some heavy editing to conform to standard US English grammar, I can do that.

ok, uploaded it to wordpress now, so hopefully everyone can see it. Happy for any feedback.

Ah. I see. You’ve done one like this before: PipeWire: the new audio and video daemon in Fedora Linux 34 - Fedora Magazine. I actually thought that previous article was one of the “How do you Fedora” series, but I see now that it wasn’t titled that way.

I’ve created card #401 to track this article. It looks good at a glance. It will need a proper cover image. Do you mean for that first image in the article to be the cover image? If so, I think that would work, but the aspect ratio would need to be fixed/cropped and we normally overlay the main title text on the image.

Yeah, that first image is meant to be the cover, if anyone could help me with the formatting that would be great.