New Article: Fedora Server Edition on a Raspbery Pi & Co?



  • Fedora Server is also available for Single Board Computers (SBC) like the legendary Raspberry Pi. That device started some years ago primarily as an experimentation and education tool.
  • Fedora Server Edition on such a DIY device?
  • The technology evolved over the years into an affordable but sufficiently powerful tool for many task of everyday life.
  • Works on application level like a “full blown” Fedora Server as used to on expensive hardware. A closer look opens up a multitude of possibilities.

Why using Single Board Computer Server

  • Not just pure affordability in several respects.
  • Suitable for many typical tasks everyday life, specifically in the Soho area.
  • Opens up new prospects that would otherwise be unfeasible.
  • Examples
    • Redunancy even in small busines
    • Dedicated server monitoring
    • Extended test options

How it works

  • Originally ust one storage media
  • Inherited from the time: no installation procedure, but ready-to-use OS image.
  • Fedora provided Fedora Server Edition image implements a standard Fedora server as it is familiar to Sysadmin.

Special considerations: Organization of the storage area

  • Fedora Server: Separation of system and user data
  • Possible also on SBC, but currently not well supported for serious deployment.

Step-by-step installation overview

  • Prepare and transfer image
  • Minimal initial configuration using local monitor and keyboard
  • Comfortable configuration & administration using Cockpit

Completely remote installation

  • Prepare and transfer image
  • Identify device on network segment
  • Complete setup using Cockpit

+1 from me! I definitely like SBC articles, and combined with a server setup article, could get wordy, I suggest writing with a Spartan pen. :wink:

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I agree, I’m always looking for more SBC related articles :smiley:

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