New album made on Fedora 34: Voices of black holes


I just put a new album made on Fedora 34 with VCV Rack, BespokeSynth and Audacity.
I used synth, electric kalimba and ukulele on some songs.
The first one has voice but so transformed that it’s barely understandable as a voice :slight_smile:
The cover is made using Gimp and is a kind of kaleidoscope of the pillars of creation.

The link to the album on Jamendo:

It’s a real pleasure to use Fedora for such a thing :slight_smile:

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That’s awesome! I like the Pillars of Creation tracks — very evocative.


The music would go well with No Mans Sky. How to use :fedora: to create! Good stuff there @ycollet!

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Yes, it’s quite fun to use Fedora for creation, but from time to time, it’s a nightmare :slight_smile:
Struggling with low latency with pipewire, but I’ve got good hope to find a good combination soon.
And sometimes problems arose with kernel RT, but that’s a consequence of living on the edge of every tool :slight_smile: My kernel RT freeze triggered by vlc is fixed !