Never Installed Wine & Lutris on Fedora, Need Advice With Installation


I am currently on the Fedora 30 Cinnamon Spin. I’m looking to install Lutris. Lutris requires Wine to function. I’ve installed Wine a long time ago when I was using Ubuntu. I’ve never installed or used Lutris before so that is completely new to me. So I’ve been looking at the Wine wiki page for Fedora. First it says to add the repository then to install one of the branches, easy enough. However are more steps below. Are they required? If not is it recommended to install them anyways? I also found this guide which is sort of different. Lutris is easy to install as it’s in the Fedora repos. Can anyone help me with this? I’d rather ask then screw up my installation.

I recommend install Lutris from DNF, i don’t know if it outdated but if this was not the case, is the best choice, the package itself will to install the dependencies, it include wine and all the drivers what you need, just open your console, type “sudo dnf install lutris”, it will to show what dependencies are going to install, say yes, and here you go.

Hey thanks! I went ahead and installed it that way. Everything worked, I used a script for an Origin game. It installed fine and was able to login however Origin is having some issues so that sucks. Figures… Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it.

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