NetworkManager route-sync: failure to add IPv6 route

Hi All,

I have the following messages every couple of seconds at /var/log/messages:

Jun  7 08:15:29 vmi886833 NetworkManager[714]: <warn>  [1654582529.3720] platform: (eth0) route-sync: failure to add IPv6 route: type unicast fe80::1/128 dev 2 metric 100 mss 0 rt-src user: Permission denied
Jun  7 08:15:39 vmi886833 NetworkManager[714]: <warn>  [1654582539.3825] platform-linux: do-add-ip6-address[2: fe80::250:56ff:fe46:73ea]: failure 13 (Permission denied)
Jun  7 08:15:41 vmi886833 NetworkManager[714]: <warn>  [1654582541.3848] ipv6ll[552c716dc67e764e,ifindex=2]: changed: no IPv6 link local address to retry after Duplicate Address Detection failures (back off)

I’m using AlmaLinux 8 and Webmin and an unmanaged VPS.

Can you please advise me?

Hi, welcome back!

Although NetworkManager is part of Fedora Linux as well, Alma Linux is a different distribution with different software versions (network manager, kernel, systemd, …). I would suggest you diagnose and fix your issue with the help of the Alma Linux community at

Hi, Thank for that speedy response and for making my post prettier.
Well I typed this command:

# nmcli
eth0: connected to System eth0
        "Red Hat Virtio"
        ethernet (virtio_net), etc.

I can see Red Hat - so I’m trying my luck here…