Network unreachable (from other hosts) when no user logged in


It seems that my Fedora 33 box is not reachable via network (be it SSH, HTTP or even ping) when there is no user logged into any console or graphical desktop. As soon as I log in (on console or using GDM), the ping gets through without being blocked.

How can this be? Or better yet: how can I make my computer reachable even though there’s no user logged in?

Thanks for your help,


It might be a problem with your connection settings:

nmcli connection show
PAGER= nmcli connection show CON_NAME

Make sure the connection and its secrets are available to all users.


Thank you very much for your swift reply!

Your suggestion for making sure the connection should be available to all users made a bell ring. I recently removed the check-mark ‘Make connection available to other users’ in the network profile of my Ethernet connection. I must have thought: I’m the only user on the system, so why would any other users need to share this connection? I was wrong :slight_smile:.

Once again, thank you for this swift advice - it saved me a very big headache.

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