Network Manager Plugins Silverblue

I am trying to get a Network Manager plugin installed and working in Silverblue, specifically strongswan so that I can get an IKEv2/IPSec VPN working through it. I have installed all the necessary packages that would need to be installed in a regular Fedora system to get the plugin working, but with the layering it doesn’t seem like they “take” with the built-in system. I was wondering whether anyone has had any luck getting specific Network Manager plugins working not included in the base system?

Many thanks!

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What do you mean by “take”? Have you rebooted to the new deployment after rpm-ostree install xyz?

I have OpenVPN plugins for NetworkManager overlayed on my system and they work fine.

“Take” was just shorthand for it all installed but the plugin isn’t present even after a reboot.

I also have the OpenVPN plug-in, but that comes built in with the base image. Did you install some additional plugin beyond what Silverblue comes with?

Sorry I’m on Kinoite (KDE) so I don’t know from memory which plugins gets installed on Silverblue. Make sure you install both the GNOME plugin and the NetworkManager plugin (at least on KDE those are separated things).

yes all the packages are installed as they should be in regular fedora using ostree. My assumption is that it’s not possible to install working network manager plugins with the read only file system. I don’t think it would be different between the Gnome and KDE versions given that it’s all just network manager. have you successfully installed Network manager plugins over and above what’s in the base install (irrespective of Gnome or KDE)? If so, how did you manage it?

I installed the plugins as overlayed RPMs using rpm-ostree install <rpm_package_name>. How did you install the plugins?

The same. Which plugins did you install? As I say, it looks like the OpenVPN plugins are already installed with the base package so you don’t need to add them.

On Kinoite, I have plasma-nm-openvpn overlayed. On Silverblue, can you make sure that all of those are installed with rpm -qi?