Network manager not showing 5 GHz wifi

Network manager does not detect 5 GHz wifi. I know it is not the router’s problem because my mobile sees it, connects to it, and it works. However, Network Manager does not even see it or list it as an option. Also how can I check if my card has 5GHz capability? The answers I find online use iwconfig and iwlist, neither of which exist in Fedora, even though I’m pretty sure I do.

nmcli radio shows you if it is on like:

$ nmcli radio
enabled  disabled  missing  enabled

nmcli radio --help shows you the options

Probably it is a hidden network?

That shows me if wifi is enabled or not but doesn’t tell me which frequencies are available. I want to find out if I have 2.4 GHz and 5GHz or only 2.4 GHz. And if I have both, how to enable 5 GHz. Thanks

Linux Hardware has a large database. Follow the instructions to contribute an entry for you system, which will include your wifi hardware and let you compare with other systems that have the same hardware.

Entries are created using the hw-probe utility which can be installed in Fedora using dnf.

Note that there is an ample supply of relatively recent wifi hardware that works well with linux, so if your hardware is on a removable card and more than 4 years old it, upgrading my be the best solution (in part due to the trend to drop support for older hardware with broken/incomplete/buggy functionality).

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Is there not a command I can run that will tell me if 5 GHz wifi works or not on my laptop? Once I have that info, then I can move to the next step. Thanks

nmcli -f GENERAL,WIFI-PROPERTIES dev show devicename


Thanks. Does this mean I have 5 GHz capability (Dual band)?

GENERAL.PRODUCT: Wireless 3160 (Dual Band Wireless AC 3160)

Replace device name with yours (mine is like wlp4s0)
Then you get a whole list and it shows 2Ghz/5Ghz.

WIFI-PROPERTIES.2GHZ:                   yes
WIFI-PROPERTIES.5GHZ:                   no
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Yes, you’re right. I didn’t notice it. Ok, I have it. Now I realized that it didn’t show because of the distance. 5 MHz has a significantly shorter range than 2.4 so it confused me a bit.