Network Diagram Open source SW

I have been using for diagramming. Can anyone suggest better alternatives for the network diagram/topology map?

Each update of is huge (compared to other FOSS SW/full-blown video editing software).


I have always liked yED. It is simple and fast.

Another option is LibreOffice draw.


yEd seems like a decent alternative to draw. I managed to install it and play with it. SW is snappy and uncluttered UI looks good. The GRAPHML file is generated, which is a generic and compatible file format for graphs rather than proprietary.

Extensibility to Confluence is a bonus.

Update: my first diagram with yEd


Is this open source?


Yeah, NO. It can be downloaded and used free but this is the first paragraph of the license terms.

The Licensee is granted a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to install 
one copy of the Software and use it as an application. The Software may
not be used as part of an automated process. The Licensee may not reverse 
engineer, disassemble, decompile, or unjar the Software, or otherwise 
attempt to derive the source code of the Software.

The Licensee acknowledges that Software furnished hereunder is under 
test and may be defective. No claims whatsoever can be made on yWorks 
based on any expectation about the Software.

It says on the download page that the latest version is 3.21.1, but when you first start to download it for linux it says version 1.2. You also have to accept the license terms before the download starts.

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This is the version of the license agreement

The version of the package is:



In retrospect, versatility is the strong point of Inkscape where I can create a set of shapes/lines/icons for network diagram and good to go.

Update: Create a diagram with Inkscape
I was looking for up-to-date and generic shapes for storage devices.
The majority of icons/shapes indicating storage devices are spinning disks (or even floppy disks). I’m not happy with it.

As my winter vacation starts tomorrow, it is a good chance to gain new skills.

Key skills to learn;

Inkscape convinced me to go ahead: why Inkscape?

Originality comes from your imagination, and not from a software that autogenerates the results for you.

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Best of all, dia is in the fedora repo with additional tools to be loaded as ‘dia-*’

I can’t see Dia in the Fedora repo. I enabled Flathub.

It is not ‘Dia’, but rather ‘dia’

# dnf list installed dia*
Installed Packages
dia.x86_64                                                      1:0.97.3-17.fc34                                             @fedora
dia-CMOS.noarch                                                 0.1-18.fc34                                                  @fedora
dia-Digital.noarch                                              0.1-18.fc34                                                  @fedora
dia-electric2.noarch                                            0.1-18.fc34                                                  @fedora
dia-electronic.noarch                                           0.1-18.fc34                                                  @fedora
dia-gnomeDIAicons.noarch                                        0.1-17.fc34                                                  @fedora
dia-optics.noarch                                               0.1-18.fc34                                                  @fedora
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It should show up in the GNOME Software GUI as “Dia Diagram Editor”, searching for either “Dia” or “dia”. There doesn’t seem to be a Flatpak version in either Flathub or Fedora’s Flatpak repository, though.


dia shows up in the GNOME Software GUI as RPM package (F35 Workstation), but not in the Silverblue installed computer, my daily driver. That’s ok.

I’ve installed dia in my Workstation installed PC. Sheets in the drop-down menu have standard templates (network devices), which are useful. Thanks.

I’m still tempted to create custom icons/shapes with Inkscape.

You certainly can if you wish. Did you install the other packages I had installed? There are a lot of different possibilities there.

No, I overlooked it. Works exactly as you prompted in the workstation. I also did it in the Silverblue PC.

$ rpm-ostree install dia*

$ rpm -q dia