Network connection after suspend not working until restart

When resuming from suspend network doesn’t work on Fedora 35. The interfaces show up as connected, but apps don’t have connection. Ping works to public addresses like but for example doesn’t.

I tried to fix this by manually setting my dns servers to either and/or from the isp default and restarting the interface (from GUI), but only reboot seems to fix it.

This issue seems to be occuring on both my work laptop (both wired+wireless, it’s Lenovo ThinkPad P52) and home desktop (wired, it’s some asrock model, I can look exact model if necessary). Both do have nvidia gpu:s with the resume from suspend script and proprietrary driver from RPMFusion.

Any ideas how could I try to diagnose this further? Or if there is a solution that I couldn’t find

Welcome to ask :fedora: @jimboolio .

Could you please give us more info’s as :

inxi -Fzx in terminal and post the output as </> Preformatted text here.

Also try to get the correct message you see when you connect in a browser.
You could try this with curl to see if you get some usefull error message.

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It’s also worth looking at your logs to see if there’s anything indicative after the resume:

Another thing we need to narrow down is if it’s a failure with the network connection bit or with name resolution. resolvectl -h or man resolvectl will have some information on testing this out.

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When resuming from suspend and network doesn’t work run ‘systemctl status NetworkManager.service’ and check it is active.After that if is not active run’systemctl restart NetworkManager.service’ and see it will bring back network.I will run it it is active or not