Netflix install with wine?

Currently I’m using fedora 36 with Gnome DE. Is there a way that I can get Netflix desktop application to work using wine?

A quick search for using netflix on fedora gives many results, including links to native apps that can be installed without using wine.

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tried many. but couldn’t get anything to work as the native app does. A proper documentation would be really useful. thank you.

netflix on wine is not native on fedora.

You should talk to a wine expert. Try going to and ask there for help.

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is there any options other than wine+Netflix?

What specific features are you concerned about that you can’t get but opening netflix in a browser?


offline downloads are not available when using the browser.

Posts like this one state:

This application has been discontinued and there is no other desktop app for Netflix anymore. The only way to watch Netflix on Linux is through the web browser

The official help page here seems to indicate that some apps are available:

The Windows app, if available, may or may not work in Wine, but as noted above, you’ll have to speak to the Wine community about this. (It’s in the MS app store now, I don’t know how one downloads app store apps to get them to run on Wine)

I don’t believe there is a native way to do that on Linux.

You would probably either need to use a VM, Wine or an Android emulator.

Although, looking at it a little, it isn’t clear to me if wine would be compatible with that application. Are you sure it is?

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