Neovim from flatpak exits after 46 sec

When I’m running Neovim installed from Software on Silverblue, it exits after 46 seconds. Neovim installed from flathub and when I launch it it opens gnome-terminal and works fine but then in 46 seconds this terminal closes.
I tried running nvim directly in host terminal via
flatpak run io.neovim.nvim
and it also exits. I tried running just a shell via
flatpak run --command=sh --devel io.neovim.nvim
and even the shell exits after same time (I don’t type anything there).
Other apps with GUI work fine (tried e.g. VSCode or Firefox).

Any hints on what this may be? Any way to debug it?

Thanks in advance!

Apparently, Settings->Applications->Neovim->Run in background was off and kept killing the app.