Nemo share and nautilus share

Why is it there no easy way to share folders with a GUI program. How come in SUSE and Ubuntu they have the share program for SAMBA that connects to the file manager.
Must the person suffer who does not want to use text program and learn a truck load just to get SAMBA sharing to work.

Fedora relies on upstream, i.e. GNOME, which provides user file sharing with WebDAV:

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I’ve been using Linux for 24 years. My main Distro is Opensuse. It has the most powerfull Control Panel in the World of Linux. (YAST).
Samba comes with Fedora, please stay focused, keep it simple. Please put back Samba share on the File Manager.

How is this relevant?

samba is not installed in Fedora by default, but a simple dnf install samba will install it though. If you are sharing between Linux PCs I would recommend NFS anyway, not samba, or, as @vgaetera said, use the DAV sharing that is build-in to Gnome. Fedora is close to Gnome upstream, so will have to live with what minimalistic Gnome offers.

With all these different samba version, I don’t think authentication is a simple setup if you want to do it right.

the package nautilus-share hasn’t been built for Fedora since quite some time:

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How to file a bug / feature request


It would appear no one coming from Microsoft OS should use Fedora, as there is no seamless sharing of file system. You cannot use WEBDAV as a file server. Samba is an unlimited file server in comparison to Windows Server.

Why not…?

Well @florian, if you use other systems (Windows, XBox, Playstation, smart TVs, etc.) it is more likely that you will find Samba support instead of WebDav.

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agreed, embedded devices or gaming consoles may be more difficult. windows talks webdav out of the box, no?

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