Need to make root partition larger to upgrade from f28 to f29

when i tried upgrading from f28 to f29 i get error message saying i need more disk space to finish upgrade

You’ll need to resize your root partition I guess (assuming you have enough unpartitioned space on the drive or unused space in other partitions). What that entails will depend on your current partition setup, in particular whether or not you’re using LVM and LUKS encryption.

I’m not quite confident enough to give you stepwise instructions, but someone might be able to help if you paste some more information here, specifically anything you know about your current partition scheme. If you’re not sure, I suggest you paste in the output of df -h and sudo fdisk -l to give someone more to go on.

If you do go the resizing route, you absolutely will need a complete system backup beforehand.

Instead of resizing the partition, you may want to attempt cleaning up some files. For example, you might want to clean old journal logs. There may also be some old things in /var/cache, but don’t just go deleting everything indiscriminately.

Hello @mortimer
What is the size of your disk? How is it partitioned?
df -h

Is this a bare metal or a virtual machine?