Need some suggestion about security for wireless

I was looking for some security measures in something like dns poisoning atteck or evil twin attack or others
How to be safe i am using a encrypted dns do i need a vpn also have anyone any idea.


VPN could be safe if you want to send or receive or connect without giving away your IP or place of residence. protonVPN is used in dangerous countries by correspondents and journalists.


By IntelTechniques, I was recommended NextDNS to protect your entire operating system, not just your web browser. IntelTechniques Back to Basics - Linux @ 38:06

Here is a comparison list of VPNs you may consider to protect your IP address. I personally use VyprVPN, because it offers WireGuard and seems trustworthy, but I may switch to IVPN when it expires. Do you own research.

Finally, you should encrypt your SSD(s)/HDD(s) so that your data is not viewable or changeable in an “evil twin/maid” attack or other online attack even when your device is locked in sleep mode. Fedora has built-in drive encryption you can enable.

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