Need info related to podman


We are working on Imx8 NXP board and trying to port Fedora-IOT on the same.

While running below command getting below error.
$ podman info

ERRO[0006] ‘overlay’ is not supported over extfs at “/var/lib/containers/storage/overlay”
Error: kernel does not support overlay fs: ‘overlay’ is not supported over extfs at “/var/lib/containers/storage/overlay”: backing file system is unsupporter

Please help to resolve.


@saurav19pandya It sounds like you’re using a non-Fedora kernel on this board that doesn’t contain support for the features that Fedora requires. If you are booting a different kernel, you’ll want to minimally ensure you use a Fedora config. Ideally, you’d start with a Fedora kernel and simply determine which patches to add.

Hi @jcm,

We have done below workaround to run podman.

insmod /usr/lib/modules/5.9.13-200.fc33.aarch64/5.4.47-2.2.0+g88d90ad100ab/kernel/fs/overlayfs/overlay.ko insmod /usr/lib/modules/5.9.13-200.fc33.aarch64/5.4.47-2.2.0+g88d90ad100ab/kernel/fs/fuse/fuse.ko
$ rm -rf /run/containers

After doing this workaround, we got below output (posted initial output only)

$ podman info
arch: arm64
buildahVersion: 1.18.0
cgroupManager: systemd
cgroupVersion: v2
package: conmon-2.0.21-3.fc33.aarch64
path: /usr/bin/conmon
version: ‘conmon version 2.0.21, commit: 66d50d2f6c81e28bacd99ee8e8d222f028eef63f’
cpus: 4
distribution: fedora
version: “33”
eventLogger: journald
hostname: localhost.localdomain

Could you please help to provide Fedora configuration?

We have observed that Fedora-IoT provides support for imx6, could you please provide the kernel patches for imx6, just for reference?


We don’t patch any of the i.MX code, we use pure upstream Linus kernel.

Hi @pbrobinson,

We have taken the Linux kernel from NXP version - Kernel 5.4.47-2.2.0+g88d90ad100ab on an aarch64 and u-boot from also NXP.

We have extracted the rootFS from the binary on the below link.

SD card structure:
u-boot will be copied on SD card using dd command
boot partition - dtb and kernel images
root partition - Fedora IoT rootfs

After successful boot up of the board we got below logs:

Fedora 33.20201215.0 (IoT Edition)
Kernel 5.4.47-2.2.0+g88d90ad100ab on an aarch64 (ttymxc0)

Browse to to claim this device (device ID not yet known) and configure SSH keys deployed

localhost login: root

Below command is not working for us and it halts all the installation process.

[root@localhost ~]# rpm-ostree status
error: loading sysroot: Unexpected state: /run/ostree-booted found and in / sysroot, but bootloader entry not found


  1. How to enable Fedora feature support in our kernel?
  2. How to define boot-loader entry?
  3. How to enable Firewall in our Linux kernel?


Please find above output from the console.