Need GUI gnu screen / modern alternative to Citrix Apps

I have a couple laptops and a server, and I would like to run GUI applications on a server, but ‘connect’ to them from a laptop or desktop. I want them continue running if the laptop disconnects. I don’t want any of their application data on my laptop.

Many years ago, I was in a windows environment, and we used Citrix with Windows Terminal Server to do this. I’ve heard of something called Seamless RDP, which can do the same thing in Windows and I could even log into it with Remmina I think. But I don’t want anything Windows-based.

My server is CentOS 8 and my laptop is Fedora 33.

I installed NoMachine on both and its basically only working as a full-screen remote desktop, which I don’t want. I want the remote applications to run ‘seamlessly’, as in I don’t want to see the remote computer’s desktop. Just my local desktop. It’d be nice if copy and paste were patched through. I’m not so worried about filesystem because I can remote mount the server via nautilus’ sftp handling.

It looks like NoMachine doesn’t really support seamless in their free version though.

I used to sort of use ssh -X for this. But now… wayland… And It X11 forwarding does not in itself satisfy the requirement that it continue running when I disconnect.

So what is the current free and Libre solution for seamless RDP in linux?

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This is the most wanted feature.

I believe freerdp has wayland support.

Free rdp is only a client program isn’t it? I did find something called ThinCast from their site though and that might be the ticket! I asked them via their contact page.

Also something called ogon server might be worth investigating, but their mailing list looks pretty dead

I found remmina can kind of do this with an advanced seetting in the connection profile. But it doesn’t dynamically rescale the window well, nor handle Firefox sessions with multiple windows, and there’s far too much extra window dressing from remmina around the remote application

It looks like they have both a client and server part, see or GitHub - FreeRDP/FreeRDP: FreeRDP is a free remote desktop protocol library and clients