Nautilus taking seconds when right mouse button clicking

Have others noticed that since a few weeks, unfortunately I do not recall exactly when it started, that Nautilus takes more than a second to react to a right mouse button click…?

To get properties info on a file, to move anything to another directory, right mouse button clicking takes more than a second to get the contextual popup menu.

I do not have this inside applications that I am using, Blender, Firefox, Lollypop, Thunderbird, they are all fine, just not Nautilus, the GNOME file manager…

And this on 5 different machines, not just one, all fully up-to-date, running dnf5 once every day on each of them.

I used to encounter this issue, and it seemed to appear out of nowhere while using Nautilus for a while. The workaround at the time was to remove ~/.config/, which is not ideal.

If you create a new user, can you still reproduce this issue with the new user? You can delete the new user after you are done.

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Thank you for taking the time to answer @yuntaz . Indeed, creating a new user and switching to that new user makes Nautilus snappy again. What puzzles me is how I can have this problem on 5 machines at the same time, starting at or around the same time as well.

And indeed, which file to delete to get my own account as snappy again…

If deleting ~/.config solves the issue, then likely it will be ~/.config/nautilus. So next time, test whether deleting that directory is enough. If it does, you could set up a script that automatically does that once in a while.

Thank you for taking the time to answer @ytrium . I deleted that directory as well as cleaned out the entire ~/.cache directory, logged out and in again but am still experiencing the problem.

As I do not have the issue, it is difficult to further pinpoint a workaround. You may want to create temporarily a new account and see if the issue happens there. If no, then that confirms that it is related to a setting in your user profile. If yes, then it is a systemwide issue, and may then be related to hardware specifics.