Nautilus-sendto retired, any alternatives?

I used to have a package called nautilus-sendto installed in my Fedora Gnome. It enables a right-click-menu entry to send a file (or selection of files) as email. In fact, it just attaches the selected files to a new email draft.
Suddenly, I am missing the function. Anyone can confirm that this extension project has been abandoned? Are there any replacements you know of? Such basic function better be part of Gnome.

Edit: This is what I found as explanation, (no solution):


That message you linked to was from 2 years ago. Not likely that it will be revived, so search for an alternate method…

I use google chrome with gmail and adding an attachment is as simple as drag & drop.


Hi, yes, I’m aware of drag and drop, my client (Thunderbird) does support it. Somehow I’ve gotten used to the right-click and send-to method.

I was just wondering if anyone knows a suitable extension or so…