Nautilus can't connect to a WebDAV shared folder


In Fedora 36, if you try to connect to a WebDAV folder from Nautilus - the file manager (e.g. by going into Other Locations and then see shared folders on your local network), you’ll see an error message Remote peer disconnected and a crash notification will appear. You’ll not be able to connect, and so you can’t browse e.g. ~/Public folders of other users on your local network.


See bug reports for details.

Related Issues

Bugzilla report: 2066717 – [abrt] gvfs: type_class_init_Wm(): gvfsd-dav killed by SIGABRT

GNOME report: dav: Fix crashes caused by extra unref (!135) · Merge requests · GNOME / gvfs · GitLab


An update has been released to fix this issue.

After you update your system in your usual way (and possibly reboot), you should no longer be affected by this problem. If the problem persists, please start a new discussion topic and we’ll help figure out what’s still wrong.