My Mythtv not working in Fedora 33 and 34 on Intel NUC, Core i7 & Intel graphics

After Fedora 32 went EOL (End of Life) on my Mythtv Frontends, I finally decided to upgrade to Fedora 34. Everything Mythtv was working very well on both my Myth frontend clients with Fedora 32, so I was very hesitant to do the upgrade. (If it works, why fix it?) I finally did the upgrade on my Intel NUC core i7 pc with Intel graphics. Now, the Myth menuing system works fine, but displaying recorded programs and live TV, only shows a white screen and no video images and very muted sound. For me, Mythtv displaying recorded programs and watching live TV is what it’s all about. After a lot of troubleshooting, I noticed that the Myth Frontend could not find any Intel video decoders and my problem was a decoder error.

I uninstalled Fedora 34 and installed Fedora 33 on the NUC. The exact same problem existed with that version. My other frontend client has an AMD video card, Fedora 32, and is still working OK. It’s not my main client and cannot be moved. I’m afraid to try an upgrade on that PC for fear that Mythtv would not be working for me at all.

Is there a way to download Intel video decoders for version 33 and 34 that will work with Mythtv?

Any information that will help this Mythtv problem on Fedora 33 or 34 with Intel graphics will be greatly appreciated.

Don Dorris