My internet package usage is limited by GB, how to save internet usage for upgrading from Fedora Cinnamon Spin 31 to 32?

I have 4 notebooks and don’t want to do clean install.

I don’t know if all your notebooks are installed exactly the same or not, but the process I use should only require downloading each package once for all the machines you use this approach on.

My steps are:
(note that you put in the appropriate release version number. Upcoming is version 32)

 sudo dnf system-upgrade --refresh --allowerasing --downloadonly --releasever=31 -y

to download all the needed packages on the machine with the largest number of packages installed.

I then create a tar file of all the downloaded packages that are ready for install.

 tar czvf system-upgrade.tgz /var/lib/dnf/system-upgrade* 

The tgz file is created in my home directory so I can use it on the other systems
Finally I actually do the update on the first system

 sudo dnf system-upgrade reboot -y 

Now all that is needed for the other machines is to place a copy of the tgz file on each additional machine to be upgraded, extract it and do the dnf system-upgrade steps. It will only download additional packages needed for that machine.

cd /
sudo tar xvf /home/my-user/system-upgrade.tgz
sudo dnf system-upgrade --refresh --allowerasing --downloadonly --releasever=31 -y
sudo dnf system-upgrade reboot

This process has worked for me for some time when I had limited data on my internet connection.


For the time after upgrading you can follow this post in order download packages for your 4 machines only once:

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