My iMac Freezes again and again


I’m witting this from my laptop in an emergency. I was working on some spreadsheets on my 2007 iMac when suddently the machine froze… it simply stopped working.

I turned it off, waited a bit, turned it on again, got to the lock screen, logged in, then it froze again. I tried the same different times with the same results even starting from different kernel versions, even “rescue” mode.

Since the files I’m working on are local, formatting is not an option (i don’t want to lose the progress). So, what can Ido?

Thanks in advance.

Try to boot from a live usb and see if that freezes somehow

Booted from Live USB. Doesn’t freeze that way.
Turned it off, remove the USB, start again… froze again (while I’m slowly going crazy).

Chroot into the system from a live usb and look for
journalctl | grep kernel
Journalctl -b and so on
And use a pastebin and provide a link here so someone can look into those logs so they can actually help you out.

Well, the unexpected plot twist:

I managed to enter my session using the terminal and copy the local files I need to a USB.

So, I installed Fedora from scatch singe not even reseting gnome to default did anything. All was working alright untill I installed broadcom-wl and it froze again.

That made me go back to a debian-ased system. Ubuntu 23.04 this time. I installed it with the proprietary Broadcom drivers and, to my surprize: WiFi is nowhere to be found… even after several updates and reboots.

This made me ask if it was a hardware issue from the very problematic broadcom ‘Airport’ card… looks like I’lll have tu buy a USB Wifi adapter after all.

Anything with mac or a apple system is hard.
Airport card Have BCM94321MC what i find from internet so

  • Update the repo: sudo apt update.
  • Install : sudo apt install firmware-b43-installer.
  • Reboot your system.

Try to use a arch base system generally that provide better support i don’t know i could be wrong but you may try.