My Home Fedora32 project

This is my plan to setup my Fedora32 host at home. I want to use systemd-networkd to configure network as much as possible.

Part 1: Setup firewalld and named, Fedora32 is working as NAT GW for VLAN4.

Part 2: Will be setup ddclient and Wireguard at Fedora32. To allow Wireguard peers access Internet via Fedora32’s direction uplink. On going.

Part 3: Will be setup KVM NAT guests

Part 4: Will be setup KVM guests bridging to a particular VLAN. Such that it can access Fedora32 host as well as other physical machines in the same VLAN.

Part 5: Will be setup Internet fail over. Thus if Fedora32’s direct uplink failed, it will switch to using OpenWRT’s uplink.

Part 6: Setup Windows10 KVM guests. Aimed to allow remote access over the network and/or Wireguard tunnel. Using Android phone, Macbook and Windows10 notebook as clients.

Is there a question here @SampsonF?

Hi @FranciscoD,

I am putting down my overall plan here, implement it part by part, and wish to discuss any issues I will got (I am sure there is a lot) with the community.

If it is OK, I will do the parts as separate topics to this main post.

Over the years, when search for fixes, lots of the results are not in the “Fedora way”. I wish I can do everything in the “Fedora way” this time.

Well, it’ll be a lot better to have separate topics for each query/discussion. For example, your post about the bug and its solution is now already overtaken by your new question.

Please open new topics for each query/discussion. I’m closing this topic now.