My Fedora 40 Wayland Desktop Leaks Second Monitor Content During Lock Screen

I’m using Fedora 40 Workstation Edition with Wayland on my laptop, which has a 2K screen. Additionally, I use a second monitor that has an FHD resolution. My primary display is scaled to 125% using fractional scaling.

When I lock my screen and then start typing my password to unlock it, the content on my second monitor becomes visible, even though the system is still locked. This behavior exposes potentially sensitive information on the second display before the user is fully authenticated, which is a security concern.
Has anyone experienced a similar issue with Fedora 40 and dual monitors?

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I have similar hardware and do not see the issue you describe.
Nvidia 3050 GPU using the nvidia 550 driver with wayland.
4k primary display and FHD second display.

When the screen is locked both screens will blank. Reactivation shows a locked screen display on the secondary monitor and content does not display until after the password has been entered.

This is my settings under the settings panel and I wonder what your setting is for the Automatic Screen Lock Delay. If there is a delay set there and unlocking occurs before the delay has timed out this may be your issue.

I’ve just experienced the same issue in F39 yesterday: When I woke up my machine, the lock screen was displayed on the internal screen while the external screen showed its regular contents (in that case VS Code).

I may have connected the monitor while the machine was sleeping.

In the past, I’ve also intermittently noticed screen content being visible for a very short time before the lock screen covered it up. So far I’ve been unable to reproduce it reliably.