Music production on Fedora

Questions I have:

  1. Why can’t I get industry standard software for music production easily installed on Fedora?

  2. What is the difference between “Pulse Audio” and “ALSA” and “qJack”?

  3. Using WINE I have installed FruityLoops … why is there latency when I use my MIDI keyboard?

Any hint on what the industry standard is?

Have you tried using Fedora Jam? It’s pre-configured and populated with useful software.


Industry must release their software for Linux, and not just for Windows and MacOS
The best idea is to switch to native Linux applications

The best idea is to switch to native Linux applications.


Thanks for the replies. In the end, I found that I am able to completely remove any latency by using wineasio.

It’s absolutely perfect and is working beautifully. Here’s the steps I had to take before the Makefile would work:

sudo dnf install jack-audio-connection-kit-devel

sudo dnf install wine-devel

And my wine dlls were in /lib64/wine so when the software had compiled, I copied it over using

sudo cp build64/ /usr/lib64/wine/ 

Then followed the rest of the README.

P.S. Sorry about the blunt opening question - I was getting frustrated.


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