Multiples lines copy in gnome console don't work in fedora 38 beta

When i try to copy multiples copy pasted in gnome-console 44.beta i don’t work i can only copy on line to reproduce:

rpm -qa | grep nvidia

I can reproduce it on fish bash and zsh

I can’t reproduce this bug. Works for me.

It works for me also.
Host F37 Workstation
Guest F38 Beta.
Installed gnome-console to test.
Copied from VM and pasted into another VM window as well as pasted into a host window.

I’ve updated with DNF package manager … no issue as everything follows just out of the box including Microsoft Edge, Visual Code and Digilent WaveForms on my tiny Microsoft Surface Go …

The keyboard background is really nice …

Does this bug report represent the faulty behaviour you’re experiencing?

It can be helpful to search through the reported bugs of a certain software package since sometimes there are workarounds or solutions to the reported problems given in the comments.

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