Multiple bluetooth adapters

Good time of the day, Community,

This is my Day 1 with Fedora (Workstation 37).
Wanted to ask such a thing - I’m thinking of buying a bt adapter for my laptop (asus vivobook) and (finally) embracing the 21 century with Corsair mouse and Keychron kb working in BT mode (sadly, Ubuntu failed me there).

After installing everything and moving my working laptop to a hidden place (behind my regular PC tower…) and realizing that the keyboard finally works the Linux gods decided to send me a new challenge in form of Keychron’s bt module having a really bad signal (while the mouse and sony headset work fine). So I ordered a BT dongle, which I will be connecting to a hub, which sits at the table.

My question is - can I (as a person, who has far to go in terms of learning linux) either disable the “onboard” bt of the laptop and utilize only the usb one, or somehow configure the keyboard to be connected to a “second bluetooth adapter”?

Thanks in advance.

There might be a hardware switch, or an option in the BIOS/UEFI setup to disable the onboard Bluetooth. Consult the manufacturer’s manual for your laptop model.

Otherwise you can disable it in software using rfkill.

List devices:

$ rfkill

Disable a device:

$ rfkill block <id>

Thank you. Will give it a shot once my Realtek RTL8761B - LinuxReviews dongle arrives.

Worked like a charm. Thank you