MT7922 WIFI error

A while ago, I completely installed 39 and did not encounter any WiFi network issues. However, after reinstalling 39 in a dual system mode, I was unable to connect to the WiFi. I found my graphics card driver in the driver folder (/lib/firmware/mediatek), but the suffix is xz (should it be xz originally?). I followed the method on GitHub and copied the bin suffix in. Even after restarting, it did not work. I don’t know what to do, Please help me, thank you.

We need more information. Which version of Fedora are you using? When you encounter an issue you should make sure you have all available updates installed so it is easy for others with the same hardware to replicate your configuration and
also to ensure you aren’t chasing a problem that has been fixed.

Please provide the text of the error or screen capture. Please also provide full details for your wifi hardware. If it was included in a commercial system, you should include details of the vendor and model as searchable text so others with the same hardware can find your thread with a text search. A good way to do this is to run inxi -Fzxx in a terminal and then copy and paste the text into a forum post using the </> button.

The LHDB entry for MT7922. Fedora should support this card with the mt7921e module and associated firmare. There are, however, many probes indicating a failure or only partly working for this model (but for older versions of linux than fully updated Fedora 39).

The .xz extension is normal for firmware files in fedora (it means the file is compressed). Which github site did you consult?