MSI performances issues

Hello there,
I totaly new on that forum so I’m sorry if I have posted this topic in the bad place.

I need help because I have an issue with my laptop using Fedora (and Ubuntu before) about very important performances issues.
My computer is very very slow (load average about 20-30) while my 12 processor’s cores are all used about an average of 1.5%, RAM is used about 2G and swap is not used at all.
My fedora system (/) and /boot partitions are located on an NVMe SSD and partitions /home, /var and swap are located on the hard drive.

My specs :
Model : MSI GP75 Leopard 9SD
RAM : 16G
SSD : NVMe 512Go
CPU : Intel i7-9750H
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Mobile

Fedora version : 32 with Gnome (Workstation edition)
Dual boot with Windows

I tried both the default nouveau driver and NVIDIA non free driver (from rpm-fusion) : performances are catastrophic in the twice situations.
I tried to make my CPU governor to performances : it havent changed anything.

All topics I found about high load average and low consumption haven’t helped me.
Notice that performances on Windows are quite well in the other hand, so I’m convinced that it is a software problem.

Thanks to the people who will help me.
Have a nice day !

Welcome to the forum @ombre703,

then you need to take a look at your software. Have you started looking at logfiles yet? After booting your system runs lightning fast, so just boot time is your problem?

The linked page below has information on how to use journalctl from the command line to find issues. Look if there is something during boot that doesn’t seem right. Alternatively, you can use the graphical Logs app, which is installed by default in Gnome.

There is also a tool to analyze your boot process, see the previous threads: and

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