Mp4 h264 in SilverBlue

How can I get a mp4 container with a video codec x264 without putting a whole KDE from a flatpack?

flatpak install org.videolan.VLC

  1. org.kde.Platform                                          x86_64                   5.12               flathub                           < 423,6 MB
  2. org.kde.KStyle.Adwaita                                    x86_64                   5.12               flathub                             < 5,6 MB
  3. org.kde.PlatformTheme.QGnomePlatform.Sources              x86_64                   5.12               flathub                            < 23,6 kB
  4. org.kde.PlatformTheme.QGnomePlatform                      x86_64                   5.12               flathub                           < 137,8 kB
  5. org.kde.Platform.Locale                                   x86_64                   5.12               flathub                           < 333,9 MB (partial)
  6. org.videolan.VLC                                          x86_64                   stable             flathub                            < 29,8 MB
  7. org.videolan.VLC.Locale                                   x86_64                   stable             flathub                            < 13,2 MB (partial)

i install MPV from flatpack and see mp4 file.



You can also install org.freedesktop.Platform.html5-codecs and that should be enough for GNOME Videos (Totem) to play h264 files.

Sorry, I do not quite understand where html5 is, but judging by

[mx@n5050 ~]$ flatpak list | grep html5
html5-codecs org.freedesktop.Platform.html5-codecs 18.08 system

I always had it in the system but nevertheless the totem did not show x264 video