Moving USB Mouse During Login Freezes GNOME

Hey, everyone…

As the title explains, I’ve had this issue for a little while and am looking for troubleshooting suggestions.

I have a USB-C hub with several ports—e.g., USB-A ports, an HDMI one, and ethernet one, etc.—that I plug into for power, my wireless mouse, and an external monitor. Before today, if I logged into my machine and moved the mouse at any time before the desktop environment displayed, it would never load and the entire system would freeze; no “magic” keystrokes would work nor could I switch to a different TTY to “safely” reboot or shutdown.

This morning, my laptop wouldn’t boot into GNOME at all when connected to the hub, but would boot when disconnected; however, when connected after everything was running, the desktop would become unresponsive. Interestingly, my cursor would work—i.e., was movable from both trackpad and external mouse—but could click anything.

Through trial and error, I found that it seems to only be the mouse connection because I can successfully get into the system and load the DE with everything connected via the hub except the USB-A “plug” for the wireless mouse. I have not yet ruled out the port on the hub nor any of the other ones, but am wondering what system-level troubleshooting I can go through in case there is a bug I need to report. Nothing in journalctl stood out to me, but I don’t know enough about, well, much to even know what’s important and what’s not.

Thanks for the help!

Fedora 39, running kernel 6.7.6-200.fc39.x86_64.

I would recommend that you enter a bug report. FWIW, I’ve also been having issues with desktop freezes upon movement of mouse, and I’m using Plasma 5. This typically occurs right after login. If I move the mouse too quickly after login my desktop freezes. My workaround is to simply wait a few seconds after login to do anything, but it’s clearly an issue.

Yeah, that was my solution, too, until it stopped working this morning.

Any suggestion on the “best” way to collect some logs on this?