Moving storage devices for an encrypted boot drive

Hi everyone,

I’m upgrading a laptop from a hard drive to a solid state drive, and I’m wondering how I should copy the data over. Both drives are the same size. The current partition layout is unencrypted /boot and /boot/efi, with / and swap inside an encrypted volume.

Can I copy the encrypted volume over as is, or should I create a new encrypted volume on the new drive and copy over the individual partitions from inside the existing encrypted volume?

Also, I’ll need to install the GRUB on the new drive. What is the process for that?

If the new device is equal or larger in size to the source device you might want to take a look at an easy way to clone fedora.

This might be what you’re looking for as you will get an 1:1 copy of your old setup. No hassle, no strings attached.


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