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I need some here making sure I understand how to move my home folder to a different partition. I just installed Fedora 30, replacing Ubuntu/POP_OS on a System76 laptop. The new install of Fedora resides the 250GB drive. AS you can tell I limited /home to 1.9GB.

On the old setup, the 1.0TB drive was where /home/username resided and my old files still are there. The 2.0TB drive I use doe downloads, video projects, Music, and VM’s.

How do I do about disabling the 1.9GB home in the new install to point to the old home on the 1.0TB drive?
I can edit the mount points in Disk but I do not want to end up with a broken system .

I do not need to move any files, I am not that concerned with the new home directory, as I have not set up much as of yet.



Please, collect the related information:

grep -v -e "^#" -e "^$" /etc/fstab
sudo vgs; sudo pvs; sudo lvs

It is 1.9 TB on your screenshot.

So I was able to get it setup and since I was not moving files and just connecting yo my existing partitions it was easier than I thought.

Storage Partition

This was the easiest.
-Edit mount point in disk (see screenshot) to /media/storage

  • Completely close Gnome Disk windows
  • Refresh mount sudo mount -a
  • The drive is mounted and shows in Files other locations.
    Move file directories (i.e. Downloads, Music, and Pictures) with rsync (Pictures shown):
rsync --archive --progress --human-readable ~/Pictures /media/storage/

Edit directory location is ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs and run xdg-user-dirs-update


The procedure for this is very similar:

  • Created temporary mount point for the old home directory on the 1.0TB drive /media/new-home
  • Mount to test sudo mount /dev/disk/by-uuid/xxxxx /media/new-home
  • Verified this worked
  • mv HOME sudo mv /home /home-backup
  • Create home sudo mkdir /home
  • Changed mount point in Gnome Disk to /home
  • In this case a refresh would not work and I had to log out and back in … everything worked.
    I left /home-backup in place until I am sure the migration is finished and working.


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