Mouse issues in qemu Windows 10 vm

I am running Fedora Workstation 37 using x11. I have a Windows 10 vm in qemu using video pass through. I am using a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti video card for the pass through card with driver version 525.89.02-1. The mouse is a PS/2 generic mouse.

The mouse has a couple of problems. The main problem is that it does not detect the right edge of the display. The mouse cursor will stop at the display edge on the left, top, and bottom of the screen, but continues pass the right edge of the screen. This makes it very difficult to find the position of the mouse cursor.

The secondary problem is when trying to scroll a window up using the scroll wheel, many scroll clicks are not detected. Scrolling a window down seems to work fine.

By default fedora has multiple workspaces and the mouse may be trying to access the next workspace on the right.

It is also possible that the geometry of the display is improperly set and the mouse is traveling within the defined geometry but beyond the physical edge of the display. An example of that would be a display of 1920x1080 that was configured as 2160x1080 or some such. (Yes there are displays with a wider than 16x9 ratio – 2160x1080 is an 18x9 ratio)

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Thank you for the response.

I found that Windows thinks that two graphic cards are available and is setting up two displays. The 2nd graphics card is shown as generic. I have the motherboard iGPU disabled. I was able to work around moving past the edge by disabling the extra video card.

I am still having trouble with window scrolling using the mouse scroll wheel.

Are you using the Virtual Machine Manager? The option Video > Virtio? If yes, you could test VGA instead of virtio to see if you get an improvement.

If Virtual Machine Manager you can also add new hardware and use a “USB Mouse” instead by default a PS2 one.

To avoid this I propose while using Virtual Machine Manager also to set > View > Scale Display >> Always and set also “auto resize with window”. This way you would get always the full screen displayed.

I am no longer having a problem with the mouse cursor going beyond the right edge of the display, see my previous post.

Adding a USB mouse to the hardware does not seem to improve the response to the scroll wheel.

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Which kind of Mouse do you use?

I am using a simple Logitech wired mouse. I have also tested with a simple wireless Logitech mouse. Both had the same response to movement of the scroll wheel.

Last tip I have would be, If you gave your W11 enough memory. If it just would be a wireless mouse I would tell you to check the battery. But as you checked with wired and wireless we can forget that.