Mouse cursor disappears and does not click on Plasma 5 after upgrading to F38

Hi everyone,

I am having this situation quite often these days, where the mouse cursor sometimes just disappears and doesn’t send any kind of input.

The only way to make it come back is to log out and log in again (effectively killing Plasma).

My question is thus: What can I do to track the origin of such crashes? I’m really not well-versed in the architecture of desktop environment, but I believe there could be a “mouse” component somewhere for which I could increase the logging level?

I have now determined that the mouse cursor disappears in the top-right corner of my main screen, which is where the notifications are displayed. I am now afraid of closing notifications. Fortunately I can still close them from the dock, but old habits die hard.

Hello @hecate ,
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Are you able to use keyboard shortcuts to perform actions after losing the mouse cursor. It sounds graphic card oriented since it is the display of the cursor that seemingly fails.

Hi @jakfrost! I have not tried yet to emulate the mouse with the keyboard yet. I just discovered that Shift+F10 performs a right-click. I’ll report with my findings!

Also, it would appear that only X11 is subject to this, for the moment I have spent a couple of hours on Wayland without the problem.

Yeah I stopped using X11 some years ago, as soon as Wayland was usable. I far prefer it, but also it is the “new” which is inline with one of the four :fedora: foundational principles, First. Plus X11 is getting tired, it’s time to lay it to rest IMO.

I’d look at some system settings:

  • Screen edges - some action can be activated if mouse cursor gets to this corner;
  • Display configuration - some secondary display could be set up to only allow cursor to move into it in top-right corner;
  • enable Track mouse in Desktop effects and see if you can find the cursor with Meta+Ctrl

Also run dmesg -w in terminal and try to trigger the issue, if mouse or touch-pad fails, you should see some logs.
Try to plug-in another mouse, or unplug and plug it in again.

I absolutely agree.
I also have successfully reproduced the bug, and using Shift+F10 I can make a left click menu appear.

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