Mount Samba share warning "error -9 on ioctl to get interface list"

Hi all, I recently installed Fedora Workstation 38 and I always get an error message “CIFS: VFS: \router.xm\XiaoMi error -9 on ioctl to get interface list” when I mount Samba share (CIFS). I found the solution on (Mounting smb3 share results to warning "error -95 on ioctl to get interface list" - Red Hat Customer Portal), and it says that I need to upgrade the kernel to kernel-4.18.0-147.el8 or above, but the kernel version of Fedora 38 is 6.2.15-300.fc38, why does this problem still occur? Why does this problem occur?

You are looking at information for redhat which often is specifically dedicated to management of RHEL and not directly applicable to fedora.

That advice you call the ‘solution’ is obviously not for fedora though some parts may apply.

I do not use samba, though many do and they should be able to assist.