Monitor colors are way off

I started using fedora 35 on my desktop(kde spin) with rtx 2080ti(xorg). i have a samsung curved monitor 27 cr27r500 and it only has hdmi and vga but my video card has only display port and hdmi.
unfortunately i couldnt boot live media on my desktop bc of nouveau drivers so (it gets stuck at kde animation before desktop) i installed fedora in safe graphics mode. all went smooth.
after install i enabled rpm fusion free and nonfree,did a full update then “akmod-nvidia” but after reboot i have weird colors. blue is purple,red is so much darker and so on.
i tried switching colors to rgb(some fix but still way off) and enabling force full composition pipeline but did nothing.
i tried with a display port to hdmi cable but same colors. i dont know what to do. i could not find any results online that matches mine or some fix. on m$ win 11 colors are normal.
please someone help me with this.

nobody knows any solution to this ?

Have you by chance tried the gnome-settings —> color panel to see what effect you may achieve there?

It also may be affected by settings within the monitor itself.

i have kde spin. and i think kde uses gnome color manager

i fixed it myself…
did a clean install again,updated then reboot. then installed nvidia drivers did a reboot.
colors normal at reboot. checked colors profile and it sayd “no color profiles defined” but after another reboot i got weird colors again. so i entered settings again and added profile Rec. 709,did a log out and a reboot just to check and colors are normal!

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