Missing grub entry to new install of F38

Hey there, It looks like you never got back to us on the Failed to Upgrade F36 to F37 post , where we were going to help you fix the OS, here was your last comment :

Then you started a new thread, I am unable to install F38 , While you did leave some interesting tips about your computer set up here :

Are you trying to Dual Boot the machine with Windows or another OS? If not, What is the Boot Order in your BIOS ? If you have it set up to start something other that the HDD that Fedora is on you will get a screen prompting you for it.

Some BIOS allow you to choose the Boot Order like ( CD, Floppy, PXE or USB or another device. It’s usually 3 options and you need to assure you are setting it to the HDD you have Fedora On)