Missed F38 Release Party? Catch it on YouTube while it's hot!

It took us a while, but we finally managed to get F38 Release Party’s talks up on YouTube. If you missed some of the talks or the whole event, or even if you just want to rewatch some of the content, we have it neatly organized for you on a whole playlist, so check them all out:


Thanks for the uploads!

The video titled “Fedora Core OS, What’s Next?” is actually “Lightning Talks: Lenovo & Fedora; Community Ops 2.0”. Could you please also upload the actual “Fedora CoreOS News & How Columbia University Uses Fedora CoreOS” session?


Oh shoot, we probably had a blunder somewhere in the pipeline, I’ll upload it ASAP and add it to the playlist.

Aaaand… it’s all fixed now, don’t forget to check out the talk: