Mirror two displays with different resolutions?

Running Fedora 37 with KDE Plasma and Wayland display server.

Two monitors:

Monitor 1 is 1920x1080
Monitor 2 is 1920x1200

Is there a way to mirror them?

I’d like to be able to seamlessly change from one monitor to the other which are on different desks in the same office hooked up to the same computer.

One is a standing desk and one is on a seated desk and I have to move back and forth throughout the day with the same desktop capabilities on both.

Probably you could set both to the 1920x1080 resolution and it would work.

I tried that, but the 1920x1200 monitor looks abnormal due to the resolution not fitting right.

I haven’t tested to verify the following is workable, but I think it is:

  1. If you overlap, rather than mirror, then 1 would match the top of 2. That could be nearly seamless when moving back and forth (depending on how you use/resize various windows).

  2. Change the taskbar to display on both monitors

How is this done?

I just now googled that myself (never wanted that feature before) and I tried it.

Right click on the desktop of the non-primary monitor
Hover over Add Panel and from the submenu that appears select Default Panel

Getting rid of the extra panel was far less simple than adding it. I blundered through that and managed after several attempts. But I couldn’t describe how.
The correct remove choice after entering edit mode is very hard to get to. I found remove choices several times blundering around in there and all the ones that were easy to get to remove icons from the bar, rather than removing the bar from the second monitor.