Mintstick on fedora

First time user with fedora 36 since today.
Is it possible to install the package ‘mintstick’ on fedora and how?
I have found this, but how to install it?


I see that copr states:

“Installation Instructions
Instructions not filled in by author. Author knows what to do. Everybody else should avoid this repo.”

Have you consider using balanaetcher instead:

Balena provide an Appimage, which works here with no issues.

Regards Tom.

I don’t want to be rude but the question is how to install mintstick. I am fully aware of the existence of balenaetcher.
There is also fedora mediawriter and disks in my installation.
But that are two seperate programs while mintstick have a partitioning and mediawriter in one.

I just looked at that link posted and the download button for the fedora 36 repo provides text that may be put into a .repo file in /etc/yum.repos.d

The command at the far right under “Quick Enable” appears to do the same thing to enable that copr repo.

Once the repo is enabled use dnf to install mintstick.

If you cannot figure that out from the info at that site then maybe you need to practice being an admin for a longer time before you branch out to getting packages from copr or other 3rd party sites.

See this screenshot.

After playing around a bit at that site I have been unable to locate any packages to install for mintstick. Cannot even use git to clone it nor find source code. Git gives a lot of records but nothing else.

Not by using dnf, by using git, or just browsing.

Maybe at github

mintstick was only built for F33 on that copr repo, but F33 is EOL. Copr only shows active releases (currently F34, F35, F36) and there is no mintstick package for that.

Just as a test I used git to clone that git repo and found it is exactly as needed with 2 errors.
Initially running ./ it returned this

$ sudo ./ 
cp: cannot stat 'share/polkit/': No such file or directory
cp: cannot stat 'share/mintstick/': No such file or directory

Within those 2 paths are files named ‘com.linuxmint.mintstick.policy’ and ‘mintstick.ui’ . After creating soft links to the existing files with the names noted in the errors the install then completed and mintstick just worked.

It does puzzle me that the originally linked copr site seems to indicate that there is a repo for each of fedora 34, 35, & 36, though none of them work.

There is always a repo for the current releases but no package ahs been build for those releases. basically empty repo.